There Are Families, Partners, And Close Friends, That Have Been Kept Apart For 18+ Months Now.

I think the federal government needs to identify very clearly what are the countries that Australians can travel to, okay?” Now, in fairness, she would know what it’s like in Japan, because she (controversially) traveled to Japan during the Olympics. You can watch the video of her entire answer below for the full effect. Print copy doesn’t quite capture her delivery — Jacob Gillard (@gillardjacob) September 24, 2021 I don’t have much skin visit our website in the game (I don’t have family in Australia, and wasn’t planning on traveling there anytime soon regardless), and for that matter I don’t have a terribly strong take on Australia’s stance. I think every country should be able to respond to the pandemic as it pleases, within reason. That being said, I do feel the need to comment on a few of the things that Palaszczuk states, given that (understandably) Australians may not have much context for what life is like in the rest of the world right now. First of all, it sure is interesting to me how Palaszczuk singles out India, and it’s hard to view that as not being slightly, well… you know. I’d think that some of the ~620K Australians who have Indian heritage may actually want to go to India and see family. And that also brings me to my next point, which is that travel isn’t just about tourism. There are people in long distance relationships that have been kept apart for 18 months, babies have been born, others are ill and haven’t been able to see loved ones and friends, etc. Palaszczuk seems to make the point that people may not want to travel, citing that in Tokyo you can’t talk while you’re eating, and plexiglass shields are used. I think it’s important to note that in many parts of the world (including the United States and United Kingdom, two of Australia’s biggest tourist markets), life is largely back to (a new) normal for the vaccinated. Palaszczuk seems to suggest that India and Japan sound unappealing, and infers there’s nowhere else to go, though something tells me that many Australians might be interested in traveling to places like London, Los Angeles, and New York, among others, all of which are open. I’m curious to see how the border restrictions plays out in Australia after the country hits the 80% vaccination threshold. Some politicians are in favor of reopening borders immediately, while others aren’t. This is also complicated further by individual states being able to close domestic borders, meaning that we might not see a unified policy. Queensland’s premier seems surprised to hear that people may want to travel at all, suggesting that India and Japan aren’t fun to visit. This seems out of touch on many levels — there are places in the world that it’s fun to travel to right now, but more importantly, travel goes beyond tourism. There are families, partners, and close friends, that have been kept apart for 18+ months now. To be clear, I’d respect the premier’s perspective if she said “we’re doing quite well in Queensland and we want to see how things evolve before deciding on the timeline for reopening borders.” But basically saying “crikey, why would anyone want to travel?” is a different story. What do you make of the comments of Queensland’s premier? Featured Comments Load all 67 comments Most helpful comments ( as chosen by the OMAAT community ). [Construction]

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Its head Danny Jordaan said the deal would apply to half the tickets. It is subject to an agreement with the government and depends on how many fans show up, according to the News24 site. The government is concerned about growing anti-vaccine sentiment in the country. Only 10 million people have been inoculated against Covid-19, and the government says this needs to reach 40 million for population immunity. But a recent study by Ask Afrika found that only 62% of people were willing to take the jab - lower than the government target. Lack of trust and fear about side-effects were cited as the main reasons. After a slow start to its vaccine roll-out, South Africa does now have enough doses for any adult who wants a jab. More than 80,000 people have died with Covid-19 in South Africa, more than any other country on the continent. Local media quotes Mr Jordaan alluding to the mass crowds pictured at the Euro 2020 matches in June and July. "When you look at what happens in Europe, why is it that Euro finals can have over 60,000 people in the stadium, can have fans celebrating before, during and after the match?" Mr Jordan had a clear message for fans who don't want the vaccine, according to News24. "It's very clear that, if you're unvaccinated, you can't come to the stadium." "We want you to come to the stadium. We don't want you to go to the hospital." The country's Deputy President David Mabuza said the sports and arts industry needed audiences to function properly and "contribute meaningfully to the economy". He said the goal of the campaign was to encourage more people to get jabbed so they can attend large-scale events. It is not yet clear which other events will be included in the initiative. Some individuals have also tried to encourage their compatriots to get the vaccine - including one woman who set up a viral raffle on social media offering gifts to people who took the shot. Anti-vaccine rumours and conspiracies have been spreading in South Africa, including false theories that the Covid-19 vaccine is a Western plot to active reduce Africa's population size.

Ease mortgage stress-test rules and boost eligibility for insured mortgages. ECONOMY - Create more than 1 million new jobs with the focus on addressing climate change. Ensure no one on unemployment insurance gets less than C$2,000 per month. TAXES - Implement a COVID-19 excess profits tax of 15% on corporate windfall profits during the coronavirus pandemic. Increase top marginal tax rate by two points to 35%. CLIMATE CHANGE - Set target of cutting emissions of greenhouse gases by at least 50% of the 2005 levels by 2030. Eliminate federal fossil fuel subsidies. COVID-19 & HEALTHCARE - Introduce a national drug coverage program and mandated paid sick leave. End private for-profit long-term care. CHILDCARE - Introduce a universal $10-a-day childcare system.