If Babinski Does Not Choose To Get The Vaccine By November 1, She May Be Fired.

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PARIS — Governments must pour more money and resources into preserving the mental well-being of children and adolescents, the U.N.’s child protection agency urged in a report Tuesday that sounded alarms about blows to mental health from the COVID-19 pandemic that hit poor and vulnerable children particularly hard. The United Nations Children’s Fund said its “State of the World’s Children” study is its most comprehensive look so far this century at the mental health of children and adolescents globally. The coronavirus crisis, forcing school closures that upended the lives of children and adolescents, has thrust the issue of their mental well-being to the fore. UNICEF said it may take years to fully measure the extent of the pandemic’s impact on young people’s mental health. Psychiatrists quickly saw signs of distress, with children and adolescents seeking help for suicidal thoughts, anxiety, eating disorders and other difficulties as lockdowns and switching to remote learning severed them from friends and routines and as COVID-19 killed parents and grandparents. “With nationwide lockdowns and pandemic-related movement restrictions, children have spent indelible years of their lives away from family, friends, classrooms, play — key elements of childhood itself,” said UNICEF’s executive director, Henrietta Fore. “The impact is significant, and it is just the tip of the iceberg,” Fore said. “Even before the pandemic, far too many children were burdened more bonuses under the weight of unaddressed mental health issues.


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If Babinski does not choose to get the vaccine by November 1, she may be fired. She may not even be eligible for unemployment. "You know when you put your heart and soul into a job for this long, as I have, it's really a hard blow to just all of the sudden hear you're going to get fired," Babinski said. It's not clear how many health care workers aren't yet vaccinated against Covid-19. There's no national vaccine registry or other resource tracking exactly how many health care professionals have or have not gotten the shot. A North Carolina hospital system fired 175 employees who failed to follow its Covid-19 vaccination rule. Over 99% of its workers complied There are indications that compliance is high; many health care professional associations have surveyed members and the majority said they are already vaccinated. These surveys have limits. They capture just a fraction of people's opinions in the field, and the methodology isn't always clear. What is clear is that these professional associations already back mandates. And with more mandates coming, it appears more health care professionals will decide to get vaccinated.

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